Our Story

Our Story

The first 6 years of my life were spent living in regional areas of Queensland (Mundubbera, Dalby and Goondiwindi) before moving to Brisbane. I have an affinity with regional Australia and have always felt amazed by its rugged beauty. The bush, the red earth, the fields of sugar cane and the warm blue ocean they stir something in the soul!

Fast forward to 2012 and I was transferred to Cairns in Far North Queensland for work. Again I was amazed at the natural beauty on display. The ease with which I could access rain forests, waterfalls, the Great Barrier Reef and secret islands was a welcome change to the suburban lifestyle I grew accustomed to. Another transfer saw me relocate to the Tablelands.

As I fell in love with my now wife, we both began to fall in love with the rich fertile lands and the warm country people. I met the real Australians, the people of the land, the Indigenous, the farmers, the hard working country folk. During our three year country stint I explored more natural beauties and remote areas, most of which were off the beaten track or prized local secrets. I loved the windfarms and rolling green hills in Ravenshoe, fossicking in Mt Surprise, visiting gorges at Forsayth and going to rodeos in Georgetown. Every where and everyone had a story to tell and the country spirit was strong in the homes and towns that dot this great land I call home.

Australiana Story

When I moved to Mareeba in the Tablelands I met Ray from Ripsaw Jerky, his Jerky was as real as his Aussie accent. Ray’s passion and drive were infectious, his product was not only full flavoured, but authentic in appearance and texture. It was real meat marinated and dried to perfection, the Croc looked like crocodile, the Beef looked like steak and the intense flavour was so different to the spongy, processed “jerky” I was used to.

It is safe to say through regular consumption I became a jerky aficionado. I tasted the competition's products and felt there was a huge gap in the market. Tourists and customers want authenticity, the real “outback” experience. So the Australiana Jerky Pack was born!

It's a love and a passion, to share the heart and soul of regional Australia with the world. Our flagship product Australiana Jerky Pack does this. We are currently working to bring other authentic Aussie products to you complete with the flavour, love and authenticity of country living.
Australiana Jerky

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