Australiana Triple Pack

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Australiana Jerky Pack combines great tasting Crocodile, Kangaroo and Emu in a convenient pack, that will leave you with a memorable Aussie experience. Locally sourced meat with 100% Australian ingredients ensures our products do not contain any additives such as MSG, Nitrites, Phosphates or artificial flavours. Net weight is 45g. 

Native Emu - Emu is a dark, red and gamey poultry meat. It has a similar taste to beef despite being softer in texture. Australiana Emu Jerky has been marinated, smoked & dried to produce a salty, sweet flavour that enhances the authentic Emu taste.

Outback Roo - Kangaroo meat is a very lean and gamey red meat. It is low in fat and lends itself to subtle flavour profiles. Our Roo Jerky is carefully crafted to maintain its natural flavour. We have achieved a rounded original flavoured jerky that allows you to appreciate this native meat.

Bush Plum Croc - Crocodile meat has a texture that is similar to both fish and chicken. It is a delicate meat which is a great base for robust marinades. Australiana Croc Jerky is smoked in a marinade of Australian Bush Plum sourced from Far North Queensland and has a tangy, fruity profile.