Expanded Product Range!

Expanded Product Range!

We are so excited to announce our NEW PRODUCT RANGE!!!

Over the last year we have received countless emails from customers and wholesalers who want to know if they can get their favourite flavour in individual packets, well here is you answer!!!!

Introducing our new range of individual flavours. https://austastes.com.au/collections/frontpage 

 Jerky Product range


We have listened to your feedback and as a result of the ever-growing popularity of the Bush Plum Croc, we have also brought out a zesty new Lemon Pepper Croc. Croc meat has a texture that is like a cross between fish and chicken, the jerky is softer then beef jerky but chewy and flavourful all the way though. The Lemon Pepper flavouring is created using a sharp Black Pepper (sourced from a North Queensland pepper farm outside Silkwood) as well as a zesty Lemon Thyme. We pride ourselves on bringing regional flavours to your table. From where we source our meat down to the individual marinade ingredients, we aim to support, and feature Aussie farmers and producers. Our new Lemon Pepper Croc is a great example of this.

Much to the excitement of my tastebuds we have also released a Mild Chilli Beef jerky. This is a family favourite of ours and is part of the reason we started this company. The beef has the texture of real beef and tastes like real beef because it is real beef! The chilli in our Mild Chilli Beef warms your mouth but also allows the full depth of flavour to shine through and is now available in a 40 gram pack.

We are also pleased to offer the ever-popular Outback Roo and Native Emu in individual packets also available online and for wholesale purchase.

For our loyal customers who couldn’t possibly pick a favourite our Australiana Taste Triple Pack is still available, providing a great sample of Aussie flavour.


We are so grateful for the support and feedback we receive and hope you enjoy our new products and range as much as you have our flagship product.

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